Our commitment to you does not end at the end of the project.  The continuing productivity of your process controlled by our systems is important to us. We offer a range of support services designed to keep your plant running at peak performance. Call us at any time any day at our 7/24 support line at 204-632-6711.  A system expert, knowledgeable about your plant will answer  and will be ready to answer your questions, diagnose system problems, and, if necessary, dispatch field technicians to your plant.

Remote System Monitoring

Our technical experts are able to remotely log-in to your system and view your system. Our staff can perform a number of diagnostic checks on the program, PLC’s and network communications, and advise you of necessary corrective or mitigating actions. If on-site assistance is required, a field service technician can be dispatched to your site.

Service Contracts

Manco offers our clients a service contract to ensure maximum system availability. Our field service technicians will perform preventive maintenance at scheduled dates as defined in the service agreement.

Some examples of the services performed on a scheduled basis are:

  • Loop tuning
  • Calibration and instrument replacement
  • Drive adjustments
  • Minor software and hardware modifications requested by you.

Evergreen Technology Upgrades

Our evergreen program is designed to extend the life of your control system in the face of changing technology via planned replacement and upgrade of covered components such as PLC’s, RTU’s, modems and routers, computers, operating system software, and third party HMI and PLC software. This preventive maintenance program helps you avoid hardware and software obsolescence problems. It also allows you to take advantage of the increased functionality the newer technology offers.

The evergreen program permits you to budget and plan for future replacement and migration of outdated equipment without the need for approval of capital expenditures. To minimize disruption to normal plant operations, upgrades and replacements may be scheduled during planned plant outages sometime during the three year contract. During the contract period we will:

  • Replace your computers and servers
  • Replace communications components as required. (RTU’s, modems, routers, radios)
  • Update your operating systems as required
  • Update your HMI and PLC licenses and versions
  • Update our software to take advantage of the newer OS, HMI, PLC platforms.


To discuss how we can help support your project, please contact us at Service@mancocontrolsystems.com.